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Young Plant Care

Early veg and flower sowings should by now have turned into healthy young plants ready for setting out.

If you choose to start feeding rather than potting on, don’t overdo it. Young plants won’t need full strength feeds until planted out. Use a liquid feed such as Gro-sure All Purpose Plant Feed, but reduce the dosage to a ¼ or ½ strength application to discourage rapid foliage growth. The aim is to support existing growth, not encourage lots of soft new growth.

If potting on, set plants into the next size pot, filled with a multipurpose compost, such as Gro-Sure All Purpose Compost. Water the plants before moving them on and soak the new pots once planted, to reduce the stress of transplanting.

Hardy annual flowers and vegetables varieties can start to be hardened off now, for planting out in mid May. By day, set them outside in a sunny spot, but move them back indoors to protect them from cold temperatures at night.

Tender summer bedding and vegetables should be held back, starting the hardening off process in mid May for planting out in the first week of June. When planting out, a great new product to try is Gro-Sure Planting Magic, which will give plants a boost. Just one handful will grow bigger, healthier plants.

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