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Feeding Camellias

Camellias look their best as they burst into bloom in spring. If your camellia hasn’t flowered yet, it will soon. To make sure you get a good show of flowers each year, it pays to offer these acid-loving plants a specialist ericaceous feed throughout the growing season, particularly if you grow them in the confines of a container.

Using a liquid feed such as Gro-Sure Ericaceous Plant Food offers a fast fix compared to the traditional method of applying a slow-acting top dressing of balanced fertiliser each spring.

At this time of year, feeding camellias won’t promote more flowers (the buds start to form in late summer) but within two weeks, vigour will improve and plants will flower for longer.

Make this the start of a feeding regime, applying every 2-3 weeks through to autumn, and your plants will get all they need for healthy root, foliage and flower bud development, building them up for a great display of flowers next year.

It takes just two capfuls of the concentrated feed to make up a full watering can of diluted mix – so one bottle should be enough to last the growing season.

Gro-Sure Ericaceous Plant Food isthe ideal feed for all acid-loving plants including rhododendron, azalea, and pieris. If you also have these in your garden, apply the same feeding regime.

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