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Choosing Lawn Seed

Creating a new lawn from seed is actually very easy. The first thing you need to consider is the intended purpose of the new lawn. What you actually mean to use the lawn for will dictate the type of grass seed that will best cater for those needs.

Fortunately, Westland makes this easy, providing you with a choice of 6 clearly defined grass seed types to suit your needs. By choosing the right seed for your needs you can tailor your lawn to suit your lifestyle:

Premium Lawn Seed

For a superior lawn that needs to look, feel and be the very best quality, Surestart Finest Lawn Seed is the perfect choice. It contains the optimum blend of fine lawn seed, including a variety of fine leaved fescue grasses. The resulting lawn has a rich and fine sward that will tolerate regular and close mowing. The mixture has been selected to create an excellent colour throughout the seasons.

Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed

For the lawn that needs to combine good looks with durability choose Surestart Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed. It successfully combines a range of high quality grass seeds which include dwarf perennial ryegrass and fescue species, to create a lawn that is lovely to look at but able to withstand the ravages of overactive youngsters and excitable pets and people. This mixture is also ideal for patching existing lawns.

Shade Tolerant Lawn Seed

Surestart Shady Lawn Seed has been specially mixed to grow in those difficult places around buildings, under trees or in shade. It contains a balanced mix of fine grasses such as fescues, together with tough and resilient dwarf ryegrass species, to create a quality lawn that not only tolerates difficult conditions such as shady areas, but will actually thrive where many other grass species would fail to grow.

Fast Acting Lawn Seed

Surestart Fast Acting Lawn Seed is just that, fast and vigorous. It contains a mixture of rapid growing dwarf perennial ryegrass, for a premium quality, hardwearing lawn. Choose this seed to create a lawn quickly or to reseed bare patches. It creates a lush green carpet within ten days. Surestart Fast Acting Lawn Seed is now available in an easy to use handheld spreader, which contains enough lawn seed to cover an area of around 30m2.

Once you have selected the grass seed best suits your needs follow our advice on How to Sow a New Lawn.

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