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Tackling Moss

A mossy lawn might look green and fresh, but gradually the moss will take over and you’ll be left with an unsightly mess every time you try to mow. It’s important to deal with the causes first and to tackle the symptoms later. Try to understand how moss grows.

First of all it needs moisture to spread, so you are much more likely to become  aware of a moss problem in spring or autumn.

Moss thrives in soils that are poor in nutrients, so feeding the lawn will improve matters. By using the combined, Aftercut All In One you will increase the nutrient levels and add a moss killing action to the lawn. Use the Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer handheld spreader, which contains enough product to treat an area of 100m2. It has an integral spreading head that is designed to deliver the granules consistently to avoid underfeeding and scorching of the lawn. It’s ideal for the smaller lawn and it is also refillable so once you have used it, you can simply buy a refill pack to use it again and again.

After 2-3 weeks the moss will have gone black. Remove this dead moss from around the grass roots by scarifying with a spring tine rake. Do not do this until the moss is dead or you will simply spread the problem around.

Moss loves shade, so thin out overhanging trees that cast shadows on the lawn and reseed bare patches with Surestart Shady Lawn Seed. Compacted soils will also encourage moss to grow. Aerate using a hollow tined tool or garden fork and brush Lawn & Turf Dressing into the holes.

The way you mow your lawn can also affect the levels of moss present. By continually cutting a lawn very short can weaken the grass and encourage moss to thrive. Keep the grass strong and healthy by cutting it at the correct height.

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