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Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn is a critical time in the lawn care calendar. Help to prepare the lawn to make it through the difficult winter months and ensure that your lawn looks its best come the Spring.


As the weather starts to change the grass will be growing much more slowly. Adjust the cutting height on your lawnmower so that it cuts the grass higher. Mow about once a fortnight until about mid October, depending on the weather conditions.

Recut the lawn edges with a half moon edging iron to create a neat finish.

Trim the lawn edges every week using lawn-edging shears to give a neat finish.

Feeding and Conditioning

Don’t be tempted to use a summer feed on the lawn now. Instead treat the lawn to Autumn Lawn Feed & Moss Killer which will deal with moss and feed the lawn in one easy application.
You can still give the lawn a boost with Westland Aftercut 3 Day Green. This can be applied after mowing until the end of October.  If you have a few little patches try using Aftercut Revitaliser combining a lawn feed with added seed.

Aerate compacted areas and apply Lawn & Turf Dressing to fill in any holes, cracks and hollows.

Weed and Moss Control

If the lawn is very mossy then either treat with Autumn Lawn Feed & Moss Killer or use Lawn Sand. Wait until the moss has turned black, (about 2 weeks) and remove the dead moss with a spring tine rake.

Lawn Repairs

Bare patches can be tackled using Aftercut Patch Fix  which is a uinqiue patching mix containing grass seed, feed and seeding soil for better results.  Coated seeds gives improved germination and quicker seed establishment and special seed varieties are selected to give torlerance to pet urine damges.  It also containes a pet urine neutraliser and is perfect for areas of high usage, shady condtions and play areas.

Be sure to sweep up fallen autumn leaves and to keep the lawn free from debris.

New Lawns

Autumn is a very good time to sow a new lawn from seed. The soil is still warm from the summer and the autumn rain will provide vital moisture as the new lawn develops. It is vital to prepare the soil thoroughly and to keep the developing lawn properly watered. See our guide on How to Sow a New Lawn.

Repair damaged or worn areas of the lawn. Large areas can be top dressed with Westland Lawn & Turf Dressing and then over sown with an appropriate lawn seed. Surestart Fast Acting Lawn Seed is ideal for quick establishment or choose a lawn seed that is specially formulated to suit your garden conditions and the way you use your lawn.

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