J. Arthur Bower's Mulch & Mix Composted Bark

J. Arthur Bower's Mulch & Mix Composted Bark
  • A long-lasting, natural and organic mulch and soil conditioner made from FSC certified bark
  • Gives a beautiful appearance to beds and borders
  • Improves soil structure and moisture retention capability
  • 50L


J. Arthur Bower’s Mulch & Mix Composted Bark is a mulch and soil improver made from entirely renewable timber resources.

When used as a mulch it helps suppress weed growth and improves the soil’s moisture retention capabilities. As a soil conditioner it provides vital humus to lighten and aerate heavy soils and it improves the water-holding capacity of light sandy soils.

It can also be mixed into fine or heavy planting soil to improve the air filled porosity and prevent water logging. Composted Bark acts as a natural source of organic matter to encourage healthy root growth.

How to Use 


Apply a layer 4-6cm (1½ - 2½") deep. For effective weed suppression, the area must be weeded first. Make sure roots of perennial weeds are removed. Then cover the area with a minimum of 5 cm (2") of bark. Spread a layer 1 metre in diameter around the plant to mulch individual trees and shrubs. This bag will cover up to 1m sq when applied at a depth of 5 cm.

Soil Conditioning

Spread 4-6cm (1½ - 2½") onto the soil surface and work into the soil. This bag will cover up to 1.2 m sq when applied at a depth of 4 cm and up to 0.8 m sq when applied at a depth of 6 cm.

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Incorporate several handfuls of Mulch & Mix Composted Bark with the soil in the planting hole when planting out trees and shrubs.

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