Peckish Garden Bird Seed Mix RTU Feeder

Peckish Garden Bird Seed Mix RTU Feeder

Simply unwrap, hang & enjoy more birds

  • Enjoy more birds in the garden
  • Contains high energy sunflower seed
  • With added Calvita Vitamin Mix
  • Available as a 700g RTU Feeder

Enriched with Calvita® Vitamin Mix

Enriched with our unique blend of vitamins and nutrients that garden birds need to stay healthy. Calvita includes…

CAROTENOIDS - Develops feather colour and protects from sunlight damage

CALCIUM - Promotes bone & feather growth and essential for egg production

VITAMINS A,D,E & BIOTIN - Strengthens beaks & bones and helps growth & reproduction

Will attract the following birds

• Blackbird • Bullfinch • Chaffinch • Dunnock • Greenfinch • House Sparrow • Robin • Wren


How to use

Unscrew the feeding tray and take out the white seal tab. Replace the feeding tray and turn feeder back over. Remove arm labels and pull hanging collar up to the top of the feeder bottle. Pull out perches and remove labels so birds can see the seed.


Not suitable for human consumption. May contains nuts. Store in a cool dry place. Best used within 3 months of opening.


Whole Wheat, Sunflower Seed, Kibbled Maize, Whole Oats, Red Dari Energy Equivalent 379 KCalories/100gms

    Very Bad

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