Seramis Orchid Potting Mix

Seramis Orchid Potting Mix

Seramis® Potting Mix has been developed specifically for potting and repotting orchids. It is specially made from unique Seramis® clay granules to store and release water exactly when your orchid requires it. Specially selected quality pine bark which provides an open structure for root anchorage, trace elements and promote flowering and plant health.

  • Simple, clean, safe to handle
  • Absorbs and gradually releases water
  • Optimal oxygen supply to roots
  • Nutrients for healthy growth
  • Size 2.5L, 7L


Why is Seramis® Potting Mix so good?

The loose and open structure ensures optimum ventilation of the sensitive roots and best water balance so waterlogging and root rot are prevented. An additional source of calcium promotes healthy growth.

With Seramis® your orchids will grow beautiful and will stay healthy. Another advantage of Seramis® is that repotting is easy. For best results we recommend repotting before or after flowering.

Repotting with Seramis®

Remove any dead or shrivelled roots from the orchid. Use a new, slightly larger pot with good drainage.

Put a small amount of Seramis® special substrate into the bottom of the pot and then put the orchid roots into the pot.

Fill in around with new substrate, making sure that the orchid is planted to the same height as before. Don’t worry if a few roots stick out of the pot.

Once the pot is filled, tap lightly to settle the granules and establish good contact with the roots.

Water the orchid to charge the granules, making sure that any excess water can drain away

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