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Main Image for Potting Grit

Potting Grit

  • Washed & graded 2-4mm grit
  • Improves drainage & opens up structure
  • Decorative finish for pots, containers & rockeries
  • Adds weight to pots & containers
  • Ideal for anchoring aquatic plants

Westland understands the importance of catering for plant needs. Thats why it not only formulates an extensive range of growing media, but it also provides additional ingredients for experienced growers to cater for specialist plants and their needs. Westland Potting Grit is ideal for mixing with compost to enhance drainage. It opens up the structure of the compost and creates essential air pockets around the plant roots. * Its clean, uniform appearance makes it an ideal choice for creating a decorative finish for pots, containers, rockeries, around ponds, in aquariums and also for alpine landscapes. It may also be used on potting benches to provide an excellent, free-draining base for potted plants * Uses: Mix with compost to enhance drainage for plants that will not tolerate waterlogging. Ideal for alpine plants, cacti and also container plantings. Can also be used as a decorative pot topping or in alpine gardens *

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