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Compost for Pots & Containers

Pots and Containers

Plants growing in containers are almost totally dependant on their growing environment for their nutrition. That’s why choosing the right plant compost for their needs is absolutely essential to get great results.

Gro-SureContainer & Basket Compost & 4 Month Feed is designed to provide the ultimate growing conditions for container grown plants. With added flower booster it offers season long flowering and ensures even feeding over a 4 month period.

Gro-Sure also means that it is easy to rewet, retains moisture to keep the plants hydrated and drains easily to ensure that roots are not waterlogged. Being 50% lighter than other multi-purpose composts it also means its ideal for pots and containers which may be moved around the garden.

Peat Free

For those looking for a peat free alternative try Gro-Sure Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost & 4 Month Feed with all the usual benefits of Gro-Sure but from 100% sustainable resource. The Light & Easy formula means that it is also 60% lighter than standard peat based compost making it easy to carry.

John Innes

Traditional gardeners may prefer to choose John Innes (No3.) Mature Plant Compost. It’s a great choice for plants growing in containers, providing higher nutrient levels in both fast and slow release formulations. This feeding regime is longer lasting than found in many other types of compost and prolongs the period before watering and feeding are needed. It is also much easier to rewet when dry than comparable peat based compost.


Acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias cannot tolerate high pH levels or limey, chalky soils. Instead they need acidic growing conditions in which to thrive. If you want to grow acid-loving plants in containers fill them with Gro-Sure Ericaceous Compost & 4 Month Feed or John Innes Ericaceous Compost.

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