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Calvita Gives Birds a Helping Hand!

Just like us, our garden birds often need a helping hand to obtain all the nutrients they need to thrive. So here’s why it’s important to help support a bird’s natural diet with the Peckish Calvita mineral and vitamin supplement.

It helps promote strong bone and feather growth

Birds rely on calcium to produce healthy bones and quills in their feathers. Calvita supplies a ready source of calcium ensuring birds have a robust frame.

It helps birds attract a mate

The most vibrant birds with the glossiest feathers get first dibs on a mate. Calvita contains carotenoids which help develop feather colour.

It helps birds produce healthy eggs

Calvita contains calcium which is essential for egg production. Therefore it can be difficult for them to store up enough of the mineral to produce strong and healthy egg shells, essential for keeping developing chicks safe.

Young chicks become healthy

Calvita contains a good source of vitamin A, D, E and biotin, all essential for the early development of chicks. Healthier chicks are more likely to survive to winter months.

It helps protect them from sun damage

Carotenoids also act as a natural sunscreen for birds, protecting them from sun rays.

Helps birds keep healthy

Just like us, birds are less likely to fall ill or foul of a disease if they’re performing at their peak. This means consuming the right vitamins and minerals.

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