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Tips & Advice for Creating the Ideal Nesting Location

Create a new home for the birds in your garden by taking part in National Nest Box Week

This event encourages householders to put up nest boxes in time for breeding birds which will be looking for a safe place to lay their eggs. This is because natural nest sites for birds, such as holes in trees or old buildings are disappearing fast.

All you need to do is buy a nest box and put it up in your garden.

Create the ideal nesting location for the birds in your garden:

  • Buy a nest box from a trusted brand

When choosing a nest box, it’s a good idea to go for the best quality you can afford, as it’s vital the box is a safe haven for young chicks. Go for durable FSC timber from a trusted manufacturer who knows not to coat the wood with anything that might hamper the development of young birds.

  • Consider opting for a premium box

A premium nest box contains special safety features, such as a slate or metal around the entrance hole to offer protection against woodpeckers.

  • Position away from predators

Make sure the nest box is located on a tree or pole which cannot be accessed by cats and other predators.

  • Think about the weather

Make sure the box is facing between north and east to shelter delicate chicks from the strongest sunlight and winds.

  • Secure it safely

Use galvanised or stainless steel screws which will not rust to secure the nest box. This will ensure it’s safe and sturdy for many years to come!

  • A good diet is key

Keep feeders topped up with bird food to cater for the increased appetite of hungry chicks. A bird food, such as Peckish Nesting & Young Bird seed mix is perfect, as this contains plenty of energy for birds to successfully rear and provide for their chicks! It also contains added Calvita, a supplement unique to Peckish containing calcium for healthy egg shells and the formation of strong bones and beaks.

  • Consider hygiene

Tiny chicks are susceptible to diseases spread between birds. Keep the bird feeders in your garden clean and tidy, and clean regularly wearing rubber gloves, using a mild disinfectant.

  • Make sure you can see it

After all your hard effort, it would be shame if you couldn’t enjoy the view! Make sure the nest box is somewhere close to a window, so you can see the activities in the spring.

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