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Where to Put Your Bird Feeder

You’ve got a bird feeder, it’s filled with the right food, now it’s time to think about where to locate it!

A bird feeder positioned in a well thought out location, well away from noise and predators will be far more attractive to birds and will provide more enjoyment to you and your family.

Here are our top tips on things to consider when positioning your bird feeder:


Feeders that are next to busy main roads, footpaths or children’s play equipment will be less busy than those in a sheltered quiet area.


Position feeders at least 2m from cover, to prevent cats and other predators from hiding and waiting to pounce!


Make sure birds are able to find your feeders, by positioning in a location where birds in the sky can spot them as they are flying past.


Make sure that you can see feeders from your favourite garden seat, kitchen window, or wherever you enjoy watching garden birds. Not only will this benefit you, it also means you’re more likely to spot when a feeder needs re-filling!


Make sure the area directly underneath the feeder will not create an eyesore if it gets covered in bird droppings. It’s also a good idea to rotate feeders around the garden to prevent a build up of bird droppings in one place.

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