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Why birds migrate

Birds migrate for two main reasons: To find food and to find a good place to raise a family.

With their superb flying ability, speed, hollow bones and excellent navigation skills, birds are properly equipped to travel thousands of miles.

This is good, as it gives them plenty of options in the search for food. Some, like warblers, nightingales and yellow wagtails, spend the spring and summer in the UK to breed and then return to warmer climates in the winter.

The Blue Tit stays in UK gardens all year round.

The blackbird breeds in Russia, Poland and Germany and then travels to the UK over winter.

Others, like blackbirds, bramblings and many species of duck and swans travel to the UK over winter, where the ground is less frozen and they are likely to find more food.

Not all species of bird migrate however, there are some, such as BlueTitsChaffinchesRobins and Wrens, can be found in UK gardens all year round.

Visit the British Trust for Ornathology’s website for further details.

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