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March Gardening Jobs

Spring has normally sprung by mid-march and as the days are getting longer, it is therefore time to begin some important gardening jobs. It’s the time of year to protect new plants from slugs and snails, plant summer bulbs and early potatoes, as well as prune bushes and roses.


With the temperature rising and as new growth and seedlings emerge, this will attract more and more slugs, leaving your plants at risk. Gardman Copper Slug Tape is the ideal non-chemical solution for protecting potted plants from slugs. It deters slugs and snails with a small electrical charge, therefore saving your newly grown plants.

Another way to reduce the risk of slugs munching at your greens is to rake over soil and fallen leaves with a Gardener’s Mate Soil Rake or Lawn Leaf Rake. Refreshing the soil and removing leaves will allow birds to eat the slug eggs left on the surface.

gardeners mate lawn rake article march gardening

Summer Bulbs

Another one of your gardening jobs in March is to start planting those summer-flowering bulbs, such as gladioli and lillies in pots and borders. With the Kent & Stowe Hand Bulb Planter, you can plant bulbs easily and comfortably with its lightweight, yet durable carbon steel head and ash handle.

bulb planting gardening jobs article march gardening


A key march gardening job is to prune rose bushes when the first growth is beginning and to encourage new growth again for the new season. It also gives the rose bush an attractive shape and good structure. Use a Pruning Knife to delicately cut stems without causing damage.

kent and stowe pruning knife article march gardening

Supporting Your Plants

If any of your plants need any support then it’s best to put them in now so plants can grow through them. Choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes from our wide range of Plant Supports. Add this to your list of march gardening jobs.

article grow it plant support

Plant Early Potatoes

As the soil is starting to warm up, prepare to plant your potatoes. Check your soil temperature with a Gardman Soil Thermometer  before you start to plant directly into the soil. Use a Digging Spade to dig a trench 7.5-13cm (3-5in) deep and sprinkle some Fertiliser before you begin planting. Alternatively you can use a Potato Planter Bag.

grow it potato planters

Other gardening jobs to carry out in march include;

  • Mowing the lawn on dry days
  • Build or buy a compost bin ready to recycle the coming seasons garden waste
  • Tidy up garden borders by removing weeds with a Oscillating Hoe, then mulch with compost

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