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Bird food: What type?

Bird food: What type?

If you are new to feeding the birds, it can be confusing to know which type of bird food to pick.

All year-round food

The simplest way to start if you are a newcomer is to plump for a year-round food, such as our Peckish Complete All Seasons Range, which is suitable for all seasons and all birds. Products in the range include: Peckish Complete All Season Seed Mix, Peckish Complete All Seasons Suet Cake and Peckish Complete All Seasons Energy Balls, These are all a good option as it contains 12 different types of seed, so attract a wide range of birds. Another good pick is Peckish Daily Goodness Nuggets, which again, can be fed all year round.

Food for specific seasons or breeds

If you are looking to attract a specific type of bird in your garden, or want to tailor food to a bird's needs at that time of year, then it might be best to opt for a food that is more specified. Peckish does a range of these, with simple names to make it easy to know what to use them for. The following foods really need no further explaination!:

  • Nesting & Young Bird Mix
  • Winter Warmer Seed Mix
  • Colourful Birds Seed Mix
  • Songbirds Seed Mix
  • Robin Seed & Insect Mix
  • Blue Tit Seed Mix

Straight Seed

Those who have been feeding the birds for a number of years and who understand their dietary requirements in detail, tend to opt for straight seed to attract specific types of birds and to deal with specific challenges.

Below are the particular favourite foods of some of some of the most common birds in our gardens:

Great Tit

Mealworms, peanuts


Nyger Seed

House Sparrow



Sunflower Hearts and Peanuts



Great Spotted Woodpecker

Peanut, sunflower seed


Mealworms, peanuts


Sunflower Hearts



Blue Tits

Sunflower Hearts


Sunflower Seed

    Very Bad

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