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Birds: Good hygiene

Birds: Good hygiene

It's vital to maintain a good cleaning routine, as groups of birds can spread disease easily through their droppings.

Keeping your feeders, water bowls, nestboxes, bird tables and dining stations clean will not only make them look better and last longer, it will also keep your garden birds healthy and happy.

Here are some vital steps for keeping a good cleaning routine:

  1. Clean feeders, bird tables, dining stations and water bowls fortnightly with a mild disinfectant. Always rinse and air-dry before use
  2. Always wear rubber gloves when interacting with feeders, nestboxes etc, as some diseases can affect humans too
  3. Don't use cleaning brushes for any other purpose
  4. Only clean nest boxes in the autumn months when they are no longer occupied
  5. Move feeders to different areas of the garden to prevent a build up of droppings on the ground
  6. Choose a feeder that's durable and easy to take apart and put back together, such as our Peckish 3 Port Feeder, which as a removable base for easy cleaning
  7. Choose a bird table and nest box that has a flip top lid to make it easier to access and clean
  8. Avoid putting feeders under garden features where birds might roost, as this will prevent contaimination through droppings
  9. Report any diseased birds to Garden Wildlife Health project so they can build a picture of the issues affecting garden wildlife throughout the country.
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