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Birds have personalities too!

Birds have personalities too!

Did you know that finches can feel empathy, robins are territorial and bullfinches are shy?
The latest studies completed by garden bird specialists, including the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) have discovered that different species of birds have their own unique personality traits.
Here are some of the most common. Look out for signs of these in your garden over the coming months:
Goldfinch   Goldfinches have empathy – Researchers at the University of Saint-Etienne in France discovered that female goldfinches can recognise if their male partners are agitated by their bird song and will become stressed themselves. However, humorously, they won’t fly to find out what’s the matter!
Robin   Robins are territorial – It’s rare to see two male robins in the same place, although they don’t seem to mind being in the same garden as other wild birds.
Bullfinches are shy – They tend to stay hidden, in a peaceful location and will only travel if food resources become scarce. For this reason they don’t normally migrate and stay in the same location all year round. The BTO reports that bullfinches are seen in less than 10% of gardens every week.
  Blue Tits are organised – They tend to have a routine and will travel the same routes in the same group to feed. They also habitually take food from a feeder and then retreat to nearby cover to eat it, most likely to avoid predators. 
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