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Birds: Water & Bathing

Birds: Water & Bathing

Like us, birds need more than food to survive, water is also really important for drinking and bathing.

It's a good idea to create two places in your garden with access to clean water that birds can use to drink or bath in.

Ponds and large water features will serve, but can also attract larger birds of prey, which can scare away smaller species (and eat your fish!). Better still are bird baths, fountains and small water trays on dining stations. Our Peckish Complete Dining Station has a water tray which is suitable for birds. The Peckish Ground Feeder could also be used as a water tray.

Make sure you clean the area around the water supply regularly to prevent a build up of droppings which could spread disease. For further details on how to prevent disease, read our hygiene guide. Pay special attention to keep the water filled during hot weather when it can evapourate quickly and during cold weather when it can freeze over. Putting a water supply under cover (such as on a bird table with a lid) could help to prevent this. Never put anti-freeze into water intended for birds as this could easily kill them.

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