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Must have tools for your shed

Gardening is easier, faster and more enjoyable if you have the right equipment. But rather than buy every gadget going, we recommend that you invest in a few good quality basics.
Essential garden equipment can be a very subjective, as it depends on what sort of gardening you are looking to do. For example, waterproof waders might be essential if you have a large pond, or a pick axe if you live in a very stony area!
However, for those with a normal garden this is our guide on must have tools for your garden shed:


Used for general digging. Choose a spade that suitable for your height to reduce back strain (a standard spade is fine for those measuring around 5’6” to 6 foot). Smaller gardeners might want to consider using a border spade, which is smaller. Also consider the weight of the spade and how strong you are; a stainless steel spade with a fibreglass handle will be lighter than a forged steel spade. Many people like wooden handles, as they don’t slip and slide if your hands sweat.

Garden Fork

Used for general digging and for lifting up plants. Again, make sure that the fork is suitable for your height and that you are strong enough to pick it up easily. Forks generally come in two sizes, a standard fork and a border fork which is smaller.



Rake soil to level it out and remove stones and other debris before planting or sowing a lawn. Choose one that’s sturdy and preferably with a wooden handle to stop your hands from sliding if they are wet.

Lawn Rake

Use to remove autumn leaves, moss and grass clippings from your lawn to prevent them from rotting down and damaging the grass. Choose a wide lawn rake with lots of prongs to ensure you cover more of the lawn with each stroke.

Knee pad

Essential for planting in beds and borders. This will prevent excess strain on your knees making the experience a lot more enjoyable! It may be common sense, but choose one that is well padded and preferably with a handle, as this will make storage easier, as you can hang it up.


Good for all-round planting, but especially for bedding plants in borders and containers. Look for a robust design, that’s comfortable to hold in your hand. Again, it’s a good idea to buy one with a handle or a piece of twine so you can hang it up.


Pruning is a much underrated job in the garden. Regular pruning of dead flowers encourages new growth and ensures your garden is blooming! It’s worth paying a little extra for a good pair, as cheaper pairs lose their edge very quickly and won’t cut through thicker branches. It’s also worth buying a sharpener at the same time and using every season, a dull blade causes accidents!

Scissors or a good knife

For opening packets, taking cuttings, cutting string and general odd jobs. Again, opt for quality and it’s essential that these are kept sharp.

Garden string

Useful for tying back plants, creating makeshift handles to hand things in your shed. You can buy endless varieties, but a simple roll of garden twine can be used for most jobs.
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