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Households boost some bird species!

Households boost some bird species!

Households boost some bird species!
Numbers of some garden birds species have soared in the UK and Ireland – bucking the overall trend - as these birds respond to kind-hearted householders leaving out food.
Despite bird numbers being down overall, numbers of Goldfinch, Wrens, Blackbirds and Blackcaps have all had population increases reported in the past year*. It is thought this is down to an increase in the amount of shop-bought bird food that is left outside for birds, containing the nutrients they need to survive. 
Experts even say that some species, such as Blackcaps have developed new migration routes to take advantage of these offerings, which supplement their natural diet.
Matt Brash, Celebrity Wildlife and Zoo Vet, said: “These reports are very encouraging indeed. They suggest that the efforts of millions of households across the UK and Ireland to boost garden bird population levels is working! 
“By leaving out nutrient rich shop bought bird food you can supplement the natural diet of garden birds, ensuring they have enough energy, vitamins and minerals to survive, reproduce and live healthy lives.”
However, not all shop bought food is equal, Peckish Complete Energy Balls contain 12 different ingredients to appeal to as many types of birds as possible. Each energy ball also contains Calvita, a combination of vitamins and minerals which are essential to bird health, including breeding, healthy egg production and strong beaks and claws.
*British Trust for Ornithology, The State of the UK’s Birds Report 2015
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