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February gardening

February gardening

The key thing is to protect your plants from getting cold, particularly during frost and snow. This can be achieved by planting indoors on a sunny windowsill or in the greenhouse if you have one.

Flower Borders

Get ahead by sowing flowers seeds in seed trays on a sunny windowsill or in the greenhouse. Divide large clumps of Snowdrops and replant elsewhere in the garden. Prune Clematis and Wisteria. Move deciduous shrubs if you think they would look better somewhere else.

TOP TIP – Use a compost which is specifically designed for seed sowing like Gro-Sure Seed and Cutting Compost

                A bag of gro sure seed and cutting compost.

Fruit & Vegetables

Chit early potatoes in a tray and place them near a window (but not in direct sunlight) inside. Start sowing mustard and cress on a windowsill. Prepare your vegetable beds by weeding, turning over the soil and digging in some organic matter.

TOP TIP – Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure is great for improving the nutrients in your vegetable bed

A bag of gro sure farmyard manure.

Garden Birds

It’s National Nest Box Week this month (February 14-21). Consider putting a nest box in your garden, ready for birds to move in during the forthcoming nesting season. This is a great way that you can help the next generation of birds in your garden to survive.

TOP – Choose a nest box that’s designed to the British Trust for Ornithology Standards (BTO), like this Peckish Blue Tit Nest Box.

A peckish blue tit nest box.


  1. Divide large clumps of snowdrops and replant in drifts in other areas
  2. Chit potato tubers
  3. Prepare vegetable beds
  4. Sow Sweet Peas
  5. Put a nest box up

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