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Get an 'ace' lawn!

Get an 'ace' lawn!

Get an 'ace' lawn!

When Wimbledon heading to our TV screens in a few weeks time, few of us will be aware of what goes on behind the scenes in order to get the court in tip-top condition.

I’m told that the whole area was cleared in November, reseeded, and the new grass has been looked and monitored day-and-night ever since. 

There are drainage pipes more than a foot under the surface, and over these go pea shingle and sand, before the soil. For stability, these layers are stitched with a network of plastic threads, making the surface virtually divot-proof. Soil tests are taken regularly, with computer programs monitoring moisture and nutrient levels.

Would that we had this kind of assistance with our own lawns at home! Fortunately, when it comes to feeding, we have Aftercut 3 Day Green to help us out. This is a summer lawn feed that really comes into its own if the grass is looking lacklustre. Applied directly after mowing, it can be used every three to four weeks – until mid-autumn.

It contains a blend of nutrients to support and sustain the grass during the season, and using it will convert a yellowing lawn to a lush, green sward – in just three days!

Using it will also mean that your lawn is protected against drought (should we be so lucky this year!), as a lawn that is properly fed is better able to withstand and recover from hot, dry conditions.

Final tip: During the peak of the season (ie. now), the hallowed Wimbledon courts are mown twice a day (even on match days!), and the grass is cut twice in the same direction to exaggerate the mown lines. I don’t think for one minute it is worth doing this in our own back gardens, but we should all mow preferably twice a week. And every three weeks or so I’ll be applying Aftercut 3 Day Green, just to finish the job!

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