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Get your garden BBQ ready in just 3 days!

Get your garden BBQ ready in just 3 days!
Here's our quick 3-point checklist designed to help you get your gardens BBQ-ready in under a week:

1. Give your lawn a boost!

Mow your lawn on a high setting. Aim to give the grass a light trim to tidy it up. Apply Aftercut 3 Day Green immediately after to give a lush green lawn within just 3 days. Use the special Even-Flo spreader to ensure an easy, quick and even flow of granules.

2. Get rid of weeds

Tackle the most visible weeds (those on your paths, patios and driveway) with Resolva 24H. The Ready to Use version requires no mixing and has a non-drip trigger. It will get to work within 24 hours, killing the weed right to the root. 

3. Invest in a couple of colourful pots or containers

Buy a few pots or containers from your local garden retailer, pour in some Gro-Sure All Purpose Compost and insert some colourful bedding plants. This will take 10mins max and because our compost has 4 months feed included it will keep your plants looking fresh for longer!
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