How to choose a bird table

How to choose a bird table

A well placed bird table can really transform your garden into one that looks attractive to both humans and birds alike.

Aside from how it looks, there are plenty of other things to consider before making your selection, including:


Make sure the bird table you choose isn't too small, birds don't like crowded areas! A table with a platform measuring about 3-4 square feet is generally the consensus among bird experts. 


Wood will look attractive and is a natural finish that birds will enjoy, however, it is susceptible to the weather and can rot easily. The Peckish Complete Bird Table features metal rot resistant feet to help allieviate this problem.

Helpful features

Consider how easy the bird table will be to clean and how stable it will be in the wind. The Peckish Complete Bird Table features a flip top roof for easy access to clean and has a wide stable base, meaning it's not liable to fall over easily. 

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