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How to create a hanging basket

How to create a hanging basket

Be the envy of your neighbours and adorn your home with burgeoning baskets of flowers!

Drop into your local garden centre and take a look at the huge range of young plants on offer for baskets and containers. 

Step 1

Make planting a basket easy and remove the chains before you start.

Stand the basket on a large flowerpot or a bucket for stability while you plant.

Line the wire basket with a layer of damp sphagnum moss or choose another type of liner.

It is important to be able to push through the liner or cut it easily so that you can position plants through the sides of the basket and underneath.

Step 2

Add a circle of polythene or a plastic saucer to the inside of the liner to stop excess water from running straight out of the basket and to act as a reservoir, helping to trap and retain vital moisture.

Step 3

Half fill the basket with Gro-Sure Easy Containers Compost, which contains 6 months' feed and water-storing granules to help prevent the hanging basket from drying out.

Nb - If you don't use this compost, add half a handful of Gro-Sure Planting Magic into the basket for bigger, healthier plants.

Step 4

When using plug plants, gently push the roots through the side of the basket so that the root balls are resting on top of the compost.

Plant all around the edge of the basket at this level with one layer of plants.

Add some more compost and plant another layer of plants through the sides of the basket all the way around.

Finally, fill the basket almost to the top with more compost and add another layer of plants. 

Step 5

Top up the basket with more compost until it is full.

Plant a selection of trailing plants around the edge of the basket and a few upright plants in the centre. Firm them in gently.

Water well and keep in a light, frost-free place to establish.

Place them outside after all danger of frost has passed.


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