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Beetroot: How to grow

Beetroot: How to grow

Beetroot is one of the most popular vegetables to grow from seed, maybe because it’s so delicious fresh and easy to grow.

Try the beetroot seeds in our Gro-Sure seed range for great results. Detroit 2 is a particularly high yielding variety.

Follow our guide to get the tastiest beetroot, ready to make into tasty salads, smoothies and soups.


Step 1

Beetroot: How to grow - Step 1

Beetroot like an open, sunny position. The soil should be fertile but don’t put fresh manure on the ground.

Beetroot also don’t like acidic soils, so prepare the ground before sowing by adding Westland Garden Lime and then raking in Growmore Fertiliser.

Seeds can be sown from March to July, depending on the variety. They should be sown a couple of inches apart and approximately an inch deep. If you have a small garden, try growing a few in a pot.

Step 2

Beetroot: How to grow - Step 2

Once seedlings have grown a little, thin out and discard.

Keep weeds down by regular hoeing and water evenly and frequently to ensure healthy growth and to prevent splitting.

Step 3

Beetroot: How to grow - Step 3

Harvesting generally occurs between the months of July and September.

Beetroot is enjoyed best when pulled from the ground while they are still quite small. Generally this will be about 7 weeks after sowing.

TOP TIP - Don’t forget you can eat the tops, twist them off and they can be cooked and eaten like spinach.

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