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Pak Choi: How to grow

Pak Choi: How to grow

Quick to grow and very tasty, pak choi is ideal for growing as a catch-crop, once one crop has been harvested and before another is sown.

It’s also very versatile and can be used for baby leaves, or left to mature. A great variety to choose is Pak Choi Canton White.

Here’s our guide on how to grow pak choi

Step 1

Seeds can be sown between April and August.

Sow seeds thinly, any thinning needed can be used as baby leaves.

Pak choi could also be grown in a Gro-Sure Fruit and Veg Planter on the patio, if space is limited in the veg patch.

Feed with Westland Potato and Vegetable Feed

Step 2

Pak Choi: How to grow - Step 2

Harvest between July and October and cropping can be extended by growing under cloches to provide protection from frost.

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