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Sweet Peas: How to grow

Sweet Peas: How to grow

Sweet peas are arguably one of the most beautiful flowers of all, due to their exquisite petals, shape and stunning fragrance, ranging from delicate to very high scent.

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Step 1

Sweet Peas: How to grow - Step 1

Sweet Peas can be sown from September to October for an early flush the following summer, or sow seeds from January to April for flowers later in the summer.

Soak the seeds in tepid water overnight to rehydrate them.

Sow in Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost. Sow seeds into deep pots or specialist tubes as seedlings develop long root systems.

Step 2

Once seedlings have germinated, they will start growing tall and leggy.

Pinch off the top of the stem, to encourage the plant to grow side shoots and produce more flowers.


Step 3

Sweet Peas: How to grow - Step 3

Once all risk of frost has passed, transplant the sweetpeas outside in a sunny, well drained site, with additional support provided by a wigwam structure of canes.

Feed with Gro-Sure All Purpose Plant Food for great results.

Cut flowers regularly to encourage more flowers to grow, but do not allow seeds to develop as this can reduce flowering dramatically.


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