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How to make a succulent plant wreath

How to make a succulent plant wreath


You will need:

  • Twigs to make the wreath such as Willow, Forsythia or Buddleia (anything that bends easily) and tie together using twine. Alternatively you can purchase a readymade wicker wreath
  • Conifer
  • Floristry wire
  • Scissors
  • Small succulent plants – odd numbers work best
  • Ribbon or hessian 
  • Rosemary or other greenery to blend

You can adapt this to your own preferences and base the design on what you are able to find

Top tip: If you are planning to hang this wreath on your door over the Christmas period, you may want to wait to create and display the wreath no earlier than one week before. This ensures that your wreath will still look fresh on Christmas day.


Step one:

Bend the conifer leaves around the wicker wreath and tie in place with floristry wire


Step two:

Remove the soil and any fine roots away from the succulent. All that should be left is the chunkier stem that is attached to the main section of the plant


Step three:

Push the floristry wire through the stem and twist the wires together overlapping each time to secure the wire to the succulent stem


Step four:

Using the wire, attach the succulent onto the wreath by threading through and wrapping around the wicker. Feed in any further greenery like rosemary for additional embellishment and to fill any gaps.


Step five:


Tie a piece of ribbon or hessian around the top of the wreath


Step six:

Using the ribbon / hessian, you can now hang your wreath onto your door.



Top Tip: Mist the succulent and foliage to keep the wreath looking fresher for longer

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