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How to mow your lawn

How to mow your lawn

Mowing is an easy way to get your lawn looking neat and tidy and to make it more appealing for outdoor entertaining, sunbathing, a game of football or simply to gaze at over a glass of wine.

In its natural habitat, grass is grazed by animals such as sheep and cattle. By regularly mowing the grass, we mimic the effect of grazing, which stimulates the grass to grow more strongly from the base.

Here are our top tips for mowing your lawn:

  • Keep the blades on your lawn mower properly adjusted and sharpened.
  • Don’t mow your lawn too short, as this will cause weak grass. It’s better to cut little and often.
  • If you are on holiday, cut the lawn as normal before you go.
  • Don’t cut the grass when it is wet, or when the soil is waterlogged.
  • Never cut the grass in frosty conditions.
  • Don’t mow a newly seeded lawn until the grass reaches about 5cm (2 inches) in height and only cut 50% its length.
  • Very short grass clippings produced from regular mowing can be left on the lawn as a mulch to protect from heat-damage during summer when the weather is hot.
  • Don’t compost grass clippings treated with weedkiller.

For detailed advice on mowing your lawn in spring, summer, autumn and winter, check out our seasonal lawn care guides

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