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How to plant pots and containers

How to plant pots and containers

Soak clay pots before planting or the dry clay will absorb moisture from the compost inside. Good drainage is essential for pots and containers and especially for plastic pots that cannot breathe, stand pots on pot feet so that excess water can drain freely through the base.

When adding compost to a container, leave a gap of about 3cm so that when you water you do not wash compost out of the pot.

Step 1

Water all the plants to be used thoroughly, preferably by standing them in a tray of water for about half an hour until the compost has absorbed plenty of water and is wet.

Now add a generous layer of Westland Garden Gravel to the bottom of the container, this will improve the drainage and give the pot more stability.

Step 2

Part fill the container or pot with Gro-Sure Easy Containers Compost. This contains enough food for the whole season (6 months), plus water-storing granules to help prevent the pot from drying out.

Plan where you want to put each plant by placing them in situ in their pots until you achieve the effect that you want.

Add more compost to the container and then take each plant out of its post and plant it into the compost.

The stem and leaves of the plants should be just above soil level and all the roots should be covered with compost.

Firm in gently to make sure there is good contact between the roots and the compost and water well.

Step 3

You will need to keep your container well watered to ensure that the plants survive the (hopefully) long, hot summer. 

In very hot weather it may be necessary to give your plants a large volume of water at each watering. Avoid watering during the middle of the day as the water could scorch your plants.

Move containers out of direct sunshine when the weather is too hot.

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