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How to repair patches in your lawn

How to repair patches in your lawn

Bare patches in the lawn look unsightly and are caused by damage, pets, or general wear and tear.

They can easily be repaired using Aftercut Patch Fix, which is a blend of grass seed, feed and seeding soil. This is best done in the spring or autumn months.

Follow the steps below to easily repair bare patches. 

Step 1

Remove weeds, moss and debris.

Loosen the bare soil surface with a rake, breaking up any large lumps or compacted soil until it has a fine crumbly texture. You may need to add some Westland Top Soil or Westland Horticultural Sand if your soil is very clay-like.

Step 2

How to repair patches in your lawn - Step 2

Scatter Aftercut Patch Fix evenly over the area to 2mm depth.

Add a little more to the surrounding lawn to ensure that the patches blend in with the existing grass better.

Water thoroughly.

Step 3

How to repair patches in your lawn - Step 3

Continue watering in the evenings, until the grass is 7-8cm tall.

Lightly mow on a high setting. 

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