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How to sow a new lawn

How to sow a new lawn

Grass seed is a simple and cost-effective solution to creating a new lawn.

Get it right and your lawn will look thicker and lusher in no time at all.

Gro-Sure has a wide range of lawn seed for all your lawn’s needs, including shady conditions, hard-wearing, fine lawns or fast-establishing. Plus, our seeds have a bird deterrent coating to maximise your success.

Depending on weather conditions, sow in the spring from April to May, or in early autumn, from mid-September to mid-October.

Below is a step by step guide, or alternatively, watch our video guide.


Step 1

How to sow a new lawn - Step 1

Clear the area

Good soil preparation is key for establishing a new lawn.

Prepare the soil by clearing away any weeds and existing plants to reveal bare soil.

If using a weedkiller, such as Resolva, read the manufacturer’s instructions to know how much time you need to wait before sowing your new lawn. 

Step 2

Prepare the ground

Dig over the soil, breaking down any lumps and removing stones and roots.

To get a firm surface, walk over the ground to tread it down. You can also use a roller for larger areas to save time.

Getting the level right is critical. To do this, rake the area in different directions, making sure you cover the whole area.

After levelling the ground, add a layer of 3-4cm of Gro-Sure Lawn Seeding Soil which gives seeds the right conditions for germination. Level again with the rake to produce a fine crumble texture.

Divide large areas into smaller square metre sections with a cane if you want to be more accurate.

Step 3

How to sow a new lawn - Step 3

Sowing your lawn seed

Now the area is ready to sow.

First, shake the Gro-Sure box to mix up the contents.

Sprinkle the lawn seed in 2 passes at right angles to each other, to help the seed spread more uniformly. Check the packaging instructions for the recommended rate of application.

Once this process is finished, lightly rake the surface to incorporate the seed into the soil.

Finally, press the seed into the soil by walking over the entire area. You can use a light roller for larger areas.

Water thoroughly to start the seed germinating. Use a fine-spray watering can or sprinkler., taking care not to wash the seeds away to create puddles.

Step 4

How to sow a new lawn - Step 4

Looking after your new lawn

Water daily until established, usually this takes between 1-2 weeks.

In very hot conditions, water late in the day once the sun has gone down.

It’s better to water thoroughly once, rather than several times lightly.

Mow for the first time with the highest setting when the grass is 5-8cm long. Make sure the grass is dry. 

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