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How to use Resolva Liquid Shots

How to use Resolva Liquid Shots

Resolva Liquid Shots have been specifically developed to offer gardeners an easier way to apply concentrated weedkiller.

Pre-dosed with just the right amount of weedkiller for a 10L watering can , there’s no mess and no measuring, giving consumers peace of mind that they are not over-dosing.

Each shot covers 44sq.m of your garden.

All Resolva products boast a unique formulation called Tri-Activ Technology, which delivers:

  1. Increased intake of the weedkiller
  2. Faster absorption of liquid by the weed
  3. Complete leaf coverage

Meaning it gets down to the root quickly, meaning fast results every time!

Liquid Shots are available for the following:

Step 1

How to use Resolva Liquid Shots - Step 1

Identify the area of weeds to be treated.

Make sure they are not close to any plants you want to keep, as the weedkiller will kill any green plant it contacts, even your flowers or grass! Alternatively use a Ready-To-Use Spray which can be used on smaller areas.

Step 2

How to use Resolva Liquid Shots - Step 2

Choose a still, dry day when rain is not expected for at least 6 hours.

Unscrew the Liquid Shot tube and remove the foil seal.

Squeeze the contents of 1 or 2 tubes (depending on weed type) into a 10L watering can* and mix thoroughly. If you are using a handheld sprayer, squeeze the contents of 1 or 2 tubes (depending on weed type) into 860ml of water in the sprayer and mix.

Alternately if you prefer Resolva Liquid Shots can also be used in a garden sprayer

*Make sure that you keep a separate watering can especially for this job!

Step 3

How to use Resolva Liquid Shots - Step 3

Spray the weeds that you want to kill, taking care not let the water run off onto plants that you want to keep.

The weedkiller will be carried from the leaf, through the stems of the plant and into the root system.

Step 4

How to use Resolva Liquid Shots - Step 4

Leave the weed to die down completely before carefully removing with a trowel.

The weedkiller will start to work within just a few hours, however, take care not to use this on lawns, as it will kill your grass.

Always read the label and product information before use.

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