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June gardening

June gardening

The garden is now blooming and the longest day of the year is fast approaching. Although it’s tempting to want to achieve perfection, remember to take some time at this point of the year to enjoy your garden! Summer evening drinks, a barbecue or just watching the kids kick around a football are activities best enjoyed in the sun.

Flowers and Borders

Start deadheading to keep flowers blooming all summer long. Continue feeding beds and borders with a good all-round plant food. Plant out summer bedding and support tall growing flowers like Sweet Peas with with a cane or growing frame.

TOP TIP – Water beds, borders and especially containers daily. Start feeding with Gro-Sure All Purpose Plant Feed.

A bottle of gro sure all purpose liquid plant food.

Fruit and Vegetables

Tomato plants are now ready to be planted outside in a sunny spot.  Cover developing and ripening strawberries and raspberries with netting to stop the birds from eating the fruit. Water developing vegetables and fruit daily, or more so in very hot conditions. Consider applying a mulch to some crops to aid water retention.

TOP TIP – Gro-Sure Tomato Planter. has a deep base, which will help developing roots

A gro sure tomato planter.

Weed Control

Flowers and plants are blooming at this time of year, but unfortunately so are the weeds! Take some time each week to tackle weeds. You will need to lift them carefully out of beds and borders with delicate flowers and plants.

TOP TIP - For driveways, paths and patios the best option is a good quality weedkiller like Resolva Path & Patio

A ready to use bottle of resolva path and patio weedkiller


  1. Start deadheading plants and flowers
  2. Plant out summer bedding and bulbs
  3. Feed beds and borders

  4. Put tomato plants outside in growbags
  5. Keep on top of garden weeds
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