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Gro-Sure Smart Seed

Victoria Robertson - Garden Artist

Proving that Gro-Sure Smart Seed really will grow everywhere, garden artist Victoria created this fantastic WW1 Memorial Cannon display. She grew this in just 5 weeks! 

Julia McGowen - Customer

Julia was having serious problems with her lawn after spending £160 on re-turfing, only for it to die shortly afterwards.

In desperation she went to her local garden centre and picked up x3 boxes of Gro-Sure Smart Seed. Just eight weeks later she now has a lawn again!

Julia said: “I would & have recommend this to everyone! My next door neighbour is now using it and just met my friend, who I told about Gro-Sure, she's had building work done and ruined grass and she just come home with 2 boxes! I think I've started a competition to see who can get the best Gro-Sure grass!”

This is her lawn before....

...and this is her lawn just 8 weeks later:

Holly Watts - Customer

Holly contacted our customer services team to sing the praises of our Gro-Sure Smart Seed.

She said: "I just want to say how pleased I am with the results after using grow sure grass seed! After using this on my front garden I will definitely be purchasing some more for my back garden and will be recommending. It's so much greener and there is a lot more grass!! Makes gardening seem a lot more worthy now thanks again for a brilliant product."


Aftercut Patch Fix

@Olive_BlackLab on Twitter was really impressed with how our Aftercut Patch-Fix quickly got rid of pet urine patches on her lawn.

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