It’s now getting a lot colder and there’s less daylight hours. But don’t put your garden to bed for the winter just yet! You can still pot up some colourful winter containers, start planning next year’s garden and of course, don’t forget to feed your garden birds!

Garden Borders and Trees

Wrap up palm trees and tender perennials with horticultural fleece to protect from frost. Create winter patio containers with Pansies, Cyclamen and evergreen shrubs. Cluster terracotta containers together in groups to protect them from the frost and consider raising them onto pot feet to prevent water-logging.  Take cuttings from bare root plants.

TOP TIP – Use Gro-Sure Seed and Cutting Compost to give your cuttings the best possible start.

A bag of gro sure seed and cutting compost.

Bird Care

Shorter daylight hours mean that wild birds have less time to forage. Save them a wasted journey by making sure your feeders are topped up daily with a good quality all round bird food. Remember, once you start feeding the birds they will come to rely on you, so make sure you’re consistent!

TOP TIP – Peckish Complete Seed Mix is a great option for garden birds and can be used all year round

A bag f peckish complete all seasons seed mix.

Indoor Gardening

Fill your home with houseplants to provide you with a welcome nature-fix over the winter months. Orchids, succulents and cacti are relatively easy to look after and are good for oxygenating your home. Look after then by watering once a fortnight during winter months, keeping the soil barely wet.

TOP TIP – Plant up orchids using Seramis Potting Mix to create an open, free-draining structure which orchids love.

A bag of Seramis special potting mix for orchids.


  1. Pot up winter containers
  2. Take hard wood cuttings
  3. Wrap up palm trees with horticultural fleece
  4. Feed garden birds

  5. Fill your home with houseplants
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