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Specialist Feeds

Renewed growth in the popularity of specialist shrubs has led us to launch a range of feeds to keep them looking their best. Buxus, especially those in pots, need regular watering throughout the year as evaporation continues through the laves. However problems can occur when the plant lacks nutrients, the sun scorches its leaves and when it's afflicted by pests and diseases, such as the dreaded box tree catrepillar and box blight.

Hydrangeas are growing in popularity but to look their best they need lots of food and water. Westland Hydrangea Feed keeps plants hydrated for longer and through the use of plant stimulents and specially designed formulation, it boosts flowers and improves natural resistence against pests and disease.

Also available in the range is Westland Hydrangea Colourant, which contains iron and aluminium salts to change pink Hydrangeas to blue.

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