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Aftercut Autumn

Aftercut Autumn is specially formulated as a granule to keep your lawn strong and healthy over the winter months.

  • Specially formulated combination of high potash lawn fertiliser & ferrous sulphate
  • Eradicates moss & prevents discolouring
  • Revitalises autumn lawns by adding essential nutrients
  • Available in unique Even-Flo spreader format
  • NPK 4-5-15, contains ferrous sulphate
  • Size 80sqm box, 150sqm box, 400sqm bag
  • Spreader Settings

When to use

For best results apply between early September and mid November. Apply on a dry day when lawns are actively growing, the grass is dry and the soil is moist. Do not apply within 3 days before or 4 days after mowing. Apply on a calm day and do not allow drift onto the foliage of neighbouring vegetation. Do not apply during drought or when frost or rain is expected. Do not use more than 2 times in any one season.

Drift: Do not allow product to contact the foliage of neighbouring vegetation. New lawns: Do not use on newly sown lawns or newly laid turf until established for twelve months.

What to expect

Your lawn should become a lush green colour. The moss in the lawn will blacken as it dies (any blackening of the grass is only temporary). Thoroughly rake out the dead moss 7-14 days after treatment. Fill any bare or thin patches using Westland Gro-Sure® lawn seed.


If spilt on paving, slabs, tiles, decking or clothing etc brush off immediately to avoid staining or discolouration. Do not wash surfaces clean as this can cause staining. Avoid walking or allowing pets on treated areas until it rains or the product has been watered in. We recommend waiting for the product to be fully dry before walking on the lawn. Walking the granules onto a patio, decking or into the house may cause staining.

How to use

It is important to apply lawn care products evenly to avoid variations of growth across the lawn. It is good practice to wear gloves when using the product although this is not a requirement. Maximum individual application: 35g of product per sq.m.

This pack treats 80sq.m (8 parking spaces).

1 parking space = 2m x 5m, which is 10sq.m.

Apply by hand

Mark out the area to be treated using canes or string. With a gloved hand apply 35g per 1sq.m (1m x 1m) evenly over the lawn surface. One handful equals about 35g.

Wheeled Spreader

For best results on larger lawns apply with a wheeled spreader.

  • Adjust the calibration on your spreader to apply 35g per square metre, check instructions for details.
  • Simply fill your spreader and apply as normal.
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