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J. Arthur Bower's Organic Rooting Gel

J. Arthur Bower's Organic Rooting Gel
  • Rooting gel made from natural oils
  • Free from synthetic growth hormones and fungicides
  • Helps rooting and establishment of cuttings
  • Size 150ml

J. Arthur Bower’s Organic Rooting Gel is made from natural oils, free from synthetic growth hormones and fungicides, to help rooting and establishment of cuttings.

How to use

• For best results stand soft stem cuttings in water for ½ hour before using the gel (overnight for hard wood cuttings).
• Dip the end of the cutting in the gel and then insert into a suitable free-draining compost or rooting medium.
• Cover cuttings with glass or polythene and place in a light position, out of direct sunlight.

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