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J. Arthur Bower's Top Soil

  • Natural English loam blended with nutrient rich organic mattter
  • Forms an ideal base for new garden features or renovating existing ones
  • Size 25L

J. Arthur Bower’s Top Soil is made from natural loam blended with nutrient rich organic matter. It is ideal for topping up existing
borders, creating raised beds for vegetables, salads and herbs and creating new lawns.

How to Use

Topping up existing borders

Make sure you fork the top soil into the existing soil so that it is well blended. It is not a good idea to just spread the top soil
over the existing soil as the drainage properties may be different.

Creating raised beds for vegetables

The top soil contains coarse organic matter and some stones – this is essential to keep the structure of the soil open and to prevent compaction. For hungry plants add Farmyard Manure. For permanent vegetable plots follow a system of crop rotation.


Creating raised beds for salads and herbs

For cut-and-come again salads, parsley, coriander and chives mix top soil with a multi-purpose compost. For thyme, marjoram and other Mediterranean herbs mix top soil with horticultural sand.

Creating new lawns

J. Arthur Bower’s Top Soil can be forked into the existing soil prior to laying turf or sowing seed. Rake over, if sowing seed, to remove large stones and coarse material.

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