Autumn & Winter Lawn Enhancer

Autumn & Winter Lawn Enhancer

Westland Autumn & Winter Lawn Enhancer is a combination of essential slow release nutrients to feed and condition the grass and a unique strain of mycorrhizal fungi which significantly develops the plant’s root system to improve overall nutrient and water uptake. It is specifically designed to deliver a healthier more hard wearing lawn over winter and to store water and nutrients which can be tapped in the spring & summer.

  • Stronger root system to improve nutrient uptake
  • Produces a healthier harder wearing lawn over winter
  • Improved drought & disease resistance
  • NPK 3-3-5
  • Size 100sqm box

How to use

Maximum recommended rate 35g/m². Ensure complete and even coverage of the lawn and avoid overdosing.

Hand Application

• Mark out the area to be treated using canes or string
• Evenly scatter 35g (approx one handful) per m² (1m x 1m)
• It is good practice to wear gloves when using this product although this is not a requirement

Hand Held Spreader

• Follow the spreader instructions
• Flip the lid of your spreader open and off you go
• Hold the spreader with the head down and walk at a steady pace up and down your lawn, slightly overlapping the edges to prevent stripes. Apply at 35g per m².


Wheeled Spreader

For best results on larger lawns apply with a wheeled spreader.

• Adjust the spreader to apply 35gm per square metre. Check spreader instructions for settings.
• Simply fill your spreader and apply as instructed.

What should I expect to see

The granules dissolve when wetted, releasing nutrients into the soil. After only 3 days you will have a visibly greener, healthier lawn. Regular applications will create a thicker more hard wearing grass which will withstand daily wear and tear and improve suppression of weeds and moss.

General Advice

Do not exceed the recommended rate. Over-dosing with fertiliser can damage your lawn.

• Keep off skin. Gloves are recommendeed when handling this product.
• Wash hands and exposed skin after use.
• Store away from children and pets in a dry, frost-free place. 
• Refill in a well ventilated area. 

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