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Bonsai Compost

Bonsai Compost

Bonsai are fascinating and interesting plants that portray nature in miniature, seeking to capture the spirit of the tree and its surroundings. 

  • Free draining, loam-based to help retain nutrients
  • Optimum aeration & drainage for healthy roots
  • Essential nutrients for healthy growth
  • Size 10L

Why use Westland Bonsai Compost?

Westland Bonsai Compost has been developed to provide ideal growing conditions for bonsai plants. The compost allows for good drainage preventing water logging and protecting the roots. The compost is formulated to give the correct balance of drainage, water retention and aeration required to develop a healthy root system, essential for healthy plant growth. Added loam provides a consistent source of nutrients, trace elements and organic matter which slowly releases nitrogen to the plant. 

Top tip - The secret of healthy bonsai plants is maintaining the roots in good condition in a restricted container. Healthy roots need water, air and nutrients to grow and maintain the plant. Selecting the right compost to ensure this is crucial.

Handy gardening tips

  • Not sutiable for ericaceous (lime-hating) plants
  • Store in a dry, frost-free place away from weedkillers and garden chemicals
  • Reseal the bag after use
  • Wear gloves while handling

Growing a bonsai

Select a young tree or shrub and pot it up in Westland Bonsai Compost using a small pot. For the next 3 years, regularly trim the leaves and shoots.

When the bonsai tree is ready to be transferred to its permanant container, fill the container with Westland Bonsai Compost and secure the tree in the pot with wire. Before planting, trim the roots so they fit without being bent or forced. 

Keep the plant out of the sun and water frequently to allow it to recover. 


Each spring take your bonsai tree out of its pot to inspect the roots to see if the plant needs potting on.

Even if re-planting in the same spot, tease out the old compost and trim the roots before adding fresh Westland Bonsai Compost. 

Keep it out of the sun and water frequently to allow it to recover. 


Westland Bonsai Compost will supply your plant with all the nutrients it needs for the first 6-8 weeks. 

During spring and early summer, feed your plants with Westland Bonsai Food every 2 weeks.


Bonsai need watering once or even twice a day during summer, but less frequently during the winter. Always ensure that excess water can drain freely, to avoid root damage.


To keep your bonsai plant healthy, keep them out of draughts and away from intense heat. Spray with water at room temperature twice a week and sponge the leaves occasionally to remove a build-up of dust. Nip branches back when they begin to grow. Do not allow to develop into proper branches as then pruning cuts will be obvious. 




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