Deadfast Path & Patio Weedkiller

  • Kills the weed and its roots
  • Ready to use trigger spray
  • Contains glyphosate
  • Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use
  • Sizes 1 litre - treats 30 sq. m

Ready-to-use Deadfast Path & Patio Weedkiller has been formulated for the control of most annual and perennial weeds such as grasses, nettles, willowherb and dandelions on hard surfaces.


Instructions for use

• Shake sprayer well before use.
• Rotate front spray nozzle 180 degrees clockwise to release safety mechanism.
• Squeeze trigger and apply spray evenly and lightly onto weed leaves until wet, but avoiding run-off of the liquid.
• Avoid contact with desirable plants.
• Do not use on lawns or wanted plants unless you wish to kill them.
• For best results spray April to September when growing conditions are good, onto as large a leaf area as possible thereby allowing for the absorption of plenty of active ingredient.
• Apply this product carefully. Ensure spraying is confined only to visible weeds including those in the 30cm swath covering the kerb edge and road gulley – do not overspray drains.
• Systemic action Deadfast Path & Patio Weedkiller is absorbed by the leaf foliage, killing the whole plant including the roots. The effect is visible within days on many weeds but it can take up to 4 weeks on tougher varieties. Very persistent weeds may require repeated treatments on re-growth.
• Avoid walking on treated areas until spray has dried in order to prevent the transfer of weed killer onto lawns.
• If it rains within 6 hours of application then effectiveness may be reduced, so re-treatment is recommended.


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