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Deadfast Rat & Mouse Bait Station

Deadfast Rat & Mouse Bait Station helps secure and cover rodenticide baits & snap traps away from children, pets, wildlife & non target species. This station includes a key to re-use, a metal rod and tray to place baits and an plate insert to fix the station to walls

  • Required by law when home baiting
  • Works with all baits types
  • Able to fit snap traps
  • Includes key to secure baits
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Use indoors or outdoors around buildings

Instructions for use

Place the bait station where required and store the key in a safe place, away from the bait station. Make sure the station is secured so it can’t be dragged or removed.

We recommend using this station with Deadfast Rat & Mouse Killer Plus Sachet or Block Baits.

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