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Gro-Sure Fruit & Veg Planter

Gro-Sure Fruit & Veg Planter

Guaranteed to grow more fruit and vegetables!

  • Feeds for 6 weeks
  • Moisture retention formula - requires less watering
  • Extra large - more roots, more fruit & vegetables
  • Perfect for growing tomatoes, peppers, chillies, peas and beans
  • Size Large

What's in the planter?

Gro-Sure® Fruit & Vegetable Planter is a nutrient-rich compost that promotes strong root growth and sustains healthy plant development. It is enriched with natural potash for improved crop quality and abundant fruiting. Gro-Sure’s unique moisture retention technology enhances the availability of nutrients, increases yields and actively feeds plants for up to 6 weeks.

How to start?

• Before opening, shake the planter to loosen the compost and ensure an even depth.

• Choose a suitable spot with plenty of light. Gro-Sure Fruit & Vegetable Planter is suitable for greenhouses, patios, conservatories and even roof top plantings.

• Cut around the dotted lines on the front of the planter to make 3 holes. Make a hole in the compost sufficient for the root ball of the plant and firm in the compost around the plant.

• Water the planter and ensure the compost is moist.

Growing tips

• Keep compost moist. Water every day in hot weather to prevent drying out. If necessary, cut some holes in the bottom of the planter to avoid water logging.

• Use a feed such as Nutri All Purpose Plant Food after the first 6 weeks and re-feed every 3-4 waterings. If necessary carefully place a cane (or use string and supports) in the compost to support the plant as it grows.

General tips

• Store in a dry frost free space away from weedkillers and other garden chemicals

• Keep planter sealed until it is required for use

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