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Gro-Sure Sow Smart

  • Gro-Sure® Sow Smart™ offers a unique and fool-proof way to grow tomatoes from seed.
  • Contains 6 gro-plugs
  • Each gro-plug ready sown with RHS AGM tomato seeds
  • Simply water and place on lid
  • Germination in just two weeks
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Gro-Sure Sow Smart contains all you need to nurture your own tomato plants from seed to harvest. Inside the pack you will find:

what you will find inside a pack of Gro-Sure Sow Smart.

Gro-Sure Sow Smart will grow 3 plants of Alicante - A lovely firm, tasty tomatoes perfect for salads, pasta or cooking and 3 plants of Gardener's Delight - A sweet cherry tomato with a delicious flavour, perfect for snacking.

When to start -  March to May

When to harvest - July to September

Getting started

1. Take off and turn over the lid and fill with water. Place the tray including the compost plugs into the water.
2. Remove the stickers that protect the seeds once the plugs have absorbed the water.
3. Loosely put the lid back on (pour away excess water if needed) and place on a warm, bright windowsill, but out of strong sunlight.

first 3 steps of getting started with Gro-Sure Sow Smart.

Nuturing your seedlings

4. Remove the lid as soon as you see germination, and place it back under the base.
5. Water plugs if they dry out (pour away excess water if needed)
how to nurture your Gro-Sure Sow Smart seedlings.

Top tips - If more than one seedling germinates in a single plug, carefully pull out additional seedlings, leaving one to grow on.

Growing on

6. Plant out once seedlings have grown 10-15cm tall and all risk of frost has passed.
7. Plant into a Gro-Sure Tomato Planter and feed fortnightly with Gro-Sure Tomato Food once a first set of green fruit appears.
image describing how to grow on your sow smart seedlings.

Top tips - If your plants are ready to plant out before risk of frost has passed, pot them up into larger plant pots using Gro-Sure
All-Purpose Compost and keep them on the windowsill.

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