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Gro-Sure Tomato Easy Feed Sticks

Gro-Sure Tomato Easy Feed sticks are an easy way to feed your tomato plants for the entire growing season. Simply put 2 sticks either side of each tomato plant and water.

  • Easy to handle sticks
  • 2 per plant: just push into plant pot on opposite sides of each tomato plant
  • No measuring, mess or overfeeding
  • Season long feeding
  • Enriched with seaweed, potash, magnesium & calcium
  • NPK 12-6-20
  • Size 12 sticks (Feeds 6 plants)

Why use Gro-Sure ® Tomato Easy Feed?

Simply push into the soil for season-long feeding

No measuring, no mess, no overfeeding!

Essential nutrients direct to the roots

Extra potash for more flowers & fruits

Seaweed, magnesium & iron for healthy plants

Calcium to help prevent blossom end rot


How to use

1. Use 2 Easy Feed sticks per plant, once the first truss of tomatoes has set (1st flowering branch has turned from flowers to small green fruits)

2. Push Easy Feed sticks into the soil, on opposite sides of the plant, 2cm below soil surface and 12-15cm away from the stem.

3. Water after inserting the Easy Feed sticks.

Hints and Tips

Gro-Sure® Tomato Easy Feed is great for feeding a range of plants including other glasshouse crops, plants in containers, and garden plants such as roses and shrubs.

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