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Indoor Plant Compost

Indoor Plant Compost

Westland Indoor Plant Compost has been specially formulated for potting or re-potting most indoor plants. This unique blend of peat, wood fibre, composted bark and perlite produces open free draining compost. A wetting agent has been added to aid rewetting if the compost is allowed to dry out.

Free draining compost for strong, healthy growth

  • Contains West+ for added performance
  • Perfect levels of phosphorous for healthy root growth
  • Open structure to reduce root rot
  • Size 10L

Why use Westland Indoor Plant Compost?

Westland Indoor Plant Compost contains nutrients for strong healthy growth. Wood fibre is also added to help regulate nutrient availability and sustain feeding of the plants. Westland Indoor Plant Compost has been developed to suit most indoor plants (including cacti) and bottle gardens.

How do I use it?

First put on a pair of gloves and rework compost between your hands so it regains it’s intended texture. Then you’re all set.

Potting and re-potting indoor plants

Indoor plants will eventually require re-potting, as they become pot bound. (Roots appearing through drainage holes in the pot). Before removing the plant from its old pot, water it well and allow it to drain. Choose a pot larger than the old one, ensuring it has adequate drainage holes. Place a layer of compost in the bottom of the new pot, and gently tap the old plant from its pot. Place in new pot ensuring the root ball is slightly below the rim of the new pot. Fill in around the root ball with compost, gently tapping the pot to ensure all spaces are filled. Water well.


Westland Indoor Plant Compost contains sufficient nutrients to feed plants for approx 6 weeks. After this period feeding should commence with Westland Indoor Liquid Plant Food.

Growing Tips

Avoid over watering but be careful not to allow compost to dry out completely. Place plants in bright positions but avoid direct sunlight if possible. Avoid large fluctuations in room temperatures as this may cause leaf drop. Treat houseplants to a leaf shine to remove dust.

Handy Gardening Tips

Not suitable for ericaceous (lime hating) plants.

Store in a dry frost free place away from weed killers and other garden chemicals.

Reseal bag after use.

Wear gloves when handling.

Wash hands after use.

    Very Bad

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